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Lips Makeup

lips makeup , beauty tips, skin careThe makeup of the lips is very important to give balance and beauty to the face. The mouth adjacent to the eye, are the moving parts of the face and therefore attracted the most attention. With your face makeup properly, but colorless lips, you get a sad and unbalanced.
Lest you feel that way, there are now large number and variety of products for lip makeup: correction pens (different colors), different consistencies Bars

Want to know if your lips are perfect?

Draw an imaginary line through the center of the pupil vertically up the corners of his mouth, so you know the perfect length.
Its width should be exactly on the vertical line passing through the center of the nostrils. In a smooth mouth, the thickness of the lips must be equal between the central portion of the lower lip and the central portion of the upper lip.

Do not worry if your lips do not have these dimensions so perfect. You yourself must make a correction, you will feel much more attractive with good makeup lips.

What do you use to draw your lips?

The mouth should outline to better perfection in drawing the line of the lips. For this you use a stylus profiler. Choose the right color depending on the tones you've used to make up your eyes.
Fill your lips using a color with which the profiler does not stand out too much. Extends bar color with a lip brush and makeup besides being more perfect, you will last longer.
Image profiling and fill lips. First you have to outline the lips and then apply the paint with a lip brush.


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