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Makeup For Senstive Skin

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Although many women are grateful for not being born with a skin too oily or too dry, the truth is that those who have sensitive skin are also not safe from problems arising that may be as or more complicated than before.

sensitive skin

In this sense, sensitive skin must be constantly monitored to prevent both internal and external elements can bring up some spots, irritations or allergic reactions on our skin.

One of the elements that is important is the makeup meet, is that not all skins are equally prepared to withstand the chemical ingredients comprising the recipes most.
Choose Well the Foundation:
The main thing is to choose well the foundation, which is the product that may affect the skin. In this sense, mineral makeup is presented as one of the best options among its ingredients since hardly find fragrances or preservatives that are the main cause of allergic reactions, do not be stingy with your skin and if necessary to spend a little more protect.

This is applicable to any other beauty product as creams or masks, is that the golden rule should be 'unscented, no chemical ingredients'.

the powder products are the most suitable for this type of skin as they usually have fewer preservatives than liquid substances.

As for zones, one of the areas of the body where the skin is more sensitive are the eyelids, so you should also be careful with the products you use to make up your eyes. We recommend using claritas shadows (and dust) that contain less pigment and dark eyeliner pencil, as the liquid may contain latex to cause an adverse reaction in your skin.

Get rid of the cosmetics that you feel are not in good condition and replacing them with others renuévalos that suit your skin conditions.

Finally, some basic tips:

 Removes make your skin always before bed and do not forget to keep it nourished and hydrated.


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