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Winter Tips

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How to care for your skin in winter

Cold is one of the factors that deteriorate our skin and beauty because our skin cause dryness and also loses elasticity and becomes stale and that's when there are lines and wrinkles, but in this article in order to solve these problems, give you some beauty tips that will help you prevent the effects of cold on your skin


First you must always keep your skin hydrated for that you consume much water an average of two liters per day, you hydrate your body and your skin, another faith beauty tricks you can do is to apply a moisturizer daily, it is convenient that is rich in vitamin A and retinol and prevent the formation of wrinkles.

Only Give 10 Minutes For Your Skin

Another beauty tips, you can do to prevent the effects of cold is to apply a thin layer of almond oil, and leave it on for a time of 10 minutes, and then you rinse with warm water will help to hydrate your skin deeply, following these tips you might have a glowing skin and drying are problems.


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