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Makeup Tips for Round Face

5 Makeup Tips for Round Face
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 Makeup is our best tool to correct, reduce, enlarge, or lengthen any physical characteristic, especially your face. 
If you have a round face, you surely want to lengthen and sharpen a bit, and makeup can help you get it, just follow the right tricks.

Blush applied to the cheeks below, ie in the part that is cut when smiling. Forget the apple makeup of your cheeks, and puts the blush below.

Copper Tones
The brown tones are best for girls who have a round face. We suggest you use on cheeks and shades.

makeup tips, lips care, skin care, beauty tipsLips Red Fruit
Reds, roses and berries are ideal for enhancing your lips. Thus the focus is on your mouth and sharpen the features of a round face.

Contour Bronzer
This will depend on your skin tone, but a bronzer can be your best ally to contour to your face.

Angular Eyebrows
While not properly eyebrows makeup, if we serve to contour the face. Use them with enough angle, without becoming eyebrows in astonishment, that the expression on your face is more elongated.


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