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Winter Skin Care (Moisturize)

The air is packed with the fragrance of winter season seasons. Winters are lastly here with their cool. The picture of cosying up in bed with a hot cup of coffee is what this season delivers. But do not get missing in your sluggish ideas because the very cheerful winter season seasons can wreak damage to your epidermis and be quite intense. In winter season, low temperature ranges, low moisture and powerful, severe gusts of wind wipe out epidermis of its natural fat part, which keeps the epidermis from dehydrating out. Enjoy winter season seasons but be very cautious about your epidermis as the dry difficult gusts of wind can take away your favourable shine and keep your epidermis torn. Worried? Don’t be!

Moisturize ;

As the elements changes, your healthy epidermis care schedule also should. Pick up a lotion that is oil-based, rather than water-based oil. The oil will create a safety part on the epidermis that maintains more wetness than any lotion can. So always stay moisturised and make this your winter weather concept.


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