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Winter baby Skin Care

Winter directly affects our skin. Outside, the wind whistling at low temperatures, tightening our face and skin tightening. In warm, dry skin becomes dry. The result of this constant change in temperature is dry and cracked skin, especially the face that can not be protected by clothing of the most damaging environmental influences. Our skin therefore requires care to prevent cracking, flaking and minor injuries. This is especially important for babies with even the most sensitive skin.

Especially in winter, it is important to drink enough. So you subministrar the body enough moisture from the inside. Also, you can help increase humidity by placing wet towels or a dish of water over heating. You should avoid hot baths in the winter and also dry the skin. 
After a trip to cold, it is important to remove the oily face cream. Beneath this layer of cream, in an environment with high temperatures, the baby may suffer from too much heat, causing skin rashes or sores. Clean your face with a soft small. Also, if you have given much cold and has a little irritated skin, you can apply (after wiping the other) a cream-based moisturizer calming herbs like chamomile or marigold. But there are also many made ​​with panthenol.
Even in winter, it is often advisable to use in baby care cream with a high sun protection factor. On a snowy environment, sunlight is reflected in the snow up to 80 percent, so the strength of the sun in winter should not be underestimated. If you go to the snow on a sunny day, a cream factor 20 at least.  


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