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Nail Care

Nail care to keep them in good condition

For good health and prevent fragility must take some care of the nails:  

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  • Do not bite your nails or cuticles. 
  • To combat protects nails maceration of soaps and detergents (use cotton gloves rubber gloves coated with housework) 
  • For washing hands using cold water better than warm water. 
  • Nails should be cut after bathing.
  • It is better to file the nails be cut carefully.
  • Abuse of enamel (especially fast drying enamel) dry the nail and embrittled. The solvent (acetone-based) dries the nail roots.
  • Some claim that the cuticle not be cut, but it depends on each case, because sometimes you just have to push it with an orange stick when not very abundant, but others need to cut, because it is too large.
  • What matters, ultimately, is to hydrate the cuticle area with special oils (rich in vitamin E), so that the appearance of the nails is neat and healthy. So cut or push the cuticle depends on each person, although it should be clear that the excesses of it on the nail growth delay.


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