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Tips for using eyeliner

- It is very important to decide what your makeup style before. From there, your eyeliner will decide if color or classic black.
- If you decide to use liquid eyeliner attentive to your pulse, is complicated both eyes are equal. To do this, make a small mark where the corner end in each eye and finish it there. Look great and matched.

- Make up your face before applying the eyeliner, especially the foundation. If you decide to lend gourds powders after the color of eyeliner and it will not be to your liking. Eye make-up at the end.
- Find out about the different types of eyeliner there and choose the one that's easier to implement. You have the option remains very delicate brush but it is difficult for a bad pulse. You can choose those in which the brush is hard, so that will not tremble. Or for convenience, eyeliner pencil: the most effective (always sharp, clear).


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