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Supr Tips for Lips

Lips Care

Hi girls cold season already doing so we bring you some super tips to prevent your lips from chapping, or if you already have more to dry, to repair and heartthrobs not flee upon seeing a mouth tatters. First, you should know that there are several factors that contribute to the lips from cracking, eg, cold, sudden temperature changes, no drinking water and especially the bad habit of constantly licking your lips, you think he is sexy lick or bite them against a guy, and maybe it is, but what you get is ruin! Beware!Some folk remedies that you can easily use to relieve chapped lips are:

1- You can soak a cotton ball with a little olive oil, and rub it on your lips at night before bed.2- They can buy at the drugstore a small pot of almond oil and spread on the lips as his typical and well known gloss, this remedy left them super smooth and smelling delicious.3- Spread your lips  a drop of it you use moisturizer to your face before sleeping.4- Gently apply a thin layer of cream or cocoa butter to protect lips from dryness. This cream also sold in presentation lipstick!, So you can carry it with you everywhere.5- Cut a piece of aloe vera and apply it when you feel that your lips are dry and see how they recover in a trice.6- Rub a finger against your nose. Oddly enough, if you feel extremely dry lips and do not have any on hand item, there is a beauty trick you can bail out, is to put a finger beside his nose and rub, then swipe your finger lips. This action picks up some of the oil that is found naturally in the nose which is the type of oil needed by lips. But remember only in emergencies!7- Let stand in a porcelain bowl in the refrigerator for three days, half a cup of whole cow's milk. After this time, remove the cream and apply the lips several times a day. Likewise, you can boil the milk, remove the cream and apply it on lips. I remain as new!


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