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Makeup Tips For White Skin

Whatever your skin color-white, black, brown or Asian, it is important you know how to enhance it. Women are unique in both its beauty and makeup routines should focus on major needs-sunspots, sparse eyebrows, green eyes, etc.. Identify what suits you is simple: focus on your skin and subtnono most prominent features-from there, you can highlight your face with the right colors. Want more tips? Do not miss these makeup tips according to skin tone.

 Makeup Tips For White Skin

Fair skin characterized by sensitivity to cold or extreme heat, and is more vulnerable to sunlight, make up and pollution. Never forget the sunscreen when leaving home or going to the beach and specific treatments applied consistently. As for makeup, taking into account the color of your eyes and hair to make up time, pay attention to your skin's undertone, yellow, pink, blue, and make sure you choose the lipstick does not make your teeth look yellowish-one common visual effect for pale skin.


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