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Watch your feet

Some tips and advice from our experts, useful for the daily care of your feet, if you want to avoid future problems,

feetcare,skin care , crack heelRemember, Better Safe Than Sorry.

1- Wash your feet daily.

Maintain good foot hygiene is essential to prevent infection. Be sure to wash the ankles, plants, fingernails and between fingers.

2- Dry your feet after washing.

Above all it is important to dry the spaces between the fingers, excessive moisture and heat support the growth of various fungi and bacteria.

3- Apply a regular foot deodorant.

The role of special foot deodorants prevent excessive sweating

4- Keep your skin well hydrated.

The heel area of ​​the foot is most needed hydration. To prevent cracking, apply the appropriate moisturizer according to your skin condition.

5- Socks uses natural fabrics.

Cotton is the best material, you should avoid synthetic fibers

6- The way to cut your nails.

The toenails should be straight-square. It is advisable to clean.

7- Do not share tools for cutting nails or skin.

Especially in case of possible pathologies nail. Do not share, even with other family members, they could transmit diseases.

8- Use comfortable shoes, flexible and suitable to your foot width.

feet care, skin care, beauty tipsThe materials preferably should be natural. Avoid too high heels (maximum 2-4 cm)

9- Do not walk barefoot in public showers.

Could contagiarte of infections like athlete's foot and warts. Protect your feet with sneakers or boots appropriate rubber.

10- Periodically check your orthosis treatment.

Whether silicone insoles, orthotics and prosthetics, remember to periodic review. The materials shall faint and fail the objectives set by the podiatrist.


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